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Site Selection


One of the toughest and most time consuming (but most important) parts about planning a company event in Mexico is site selection. It seems like it should be easy enough but with so many choices, choosing just the right event site can get complicated really quickly. Your site selection affects pretty much everything about your event – number one being that it’s often the largest part of your budget. It will also affect your activity options, dining choices, timing and logistics, branding and signage, even your rooming and lodging options, and a whole lot more.

Unless you know the venues and the area well, site selection can become a very daunting task. And don’t even get me started on misleading photos of properties and their event spaces. Boy have we seen some doozies!

With our extensive knowledge of event venues and properties easily accessible via the Cancun, Cabo, and Puerto Vallarta airports, we can quickly and efficiently help you narrow down your choices to just the right venues for your group and your budget, saving you and your team a ton of time and effort (and of course, $$$).

Our basic site selection service includes an initial in person or phone/video consultation where we’ll review your event goals and budget preferences. We’ll then give you various venue and lodging site options that match your goals and include an overview of anticipated costs for your group. From there you’re welcome to move forward with planning in-house or add our complete event planning and/or travel services to complete your event.

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