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Incentive travel programs are our jam! We’ve been planning destination events and travel for 10 years and incentive trips are still our favorite. It’s some of the most fun you can have while still actually working, am I right?! Guests attending incentive trips are some of the happiest, excited people ever and we love sharing in their excitement over their achievements.

Incentive travel is a passion for us because we have a long family history of going on incentive trips that were earned by family members as far back as our grandparents. Shea, one of our founders, traveled to Hong Kong and China on an incentive trip with his parents when he was 14 years old and that trip sparked an excitement for travel in him, that led him to eventually leave his small Tennessee home town to study abroad in Venezuela and to travel to many cities and countries for work and fun to this day. We firmly believe that incentive travel can literally change one’s worldview for generations!

When planned and executed well, beyond being an excellent way to reward high achievers and your top clients, company incentive trips can help create tremendous sales increases and can lead to higher employee satisfaction. Incentive trips statistically help reduce employee turnover and lead to more long term and loyal vendor/partner relationships.

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