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About Cheryl & Shea


41 Palms is the shared creation of us, Shea and Cheryl Bailey, a husband and wife corporate event planning team headquartered in Austin, Texas. This company has been a goal of ours for quite some time and has been years in the making. We started our careers in the event planning industry 10 years ago, catering and planning weddings and social events with our company, Yellow Umbrella Events. Through the past several years our corporate planning and incentive travel services side of the business has been increasing steadily. Once it “took over” and became a majority of what we do daily we knew that it was time to officially launch our corporate event planning brand, separate from the weddings group.

Cheryl leads the event planning and design side of our company and Shea leads the travel and experiences team. Though we have vastly different backgrounds (for example, Shea’s degree was actually in Biology and his minor was Chemistry!) we both ended up working together in the same business and we’re pretty freaking excited about it. We are absolutely in love with what we get to do every day! And before you ask, yes, we really do love working together and traveling together side by side pretty much every day.

Why the 41 Palms name? It’s a combination of the things we love and simply where we are in life. We absolutely love the ocean and the mountains and all things being at the beach and so many of our clients want tropical related incentive trips, so “palms” was a natural choice. 41 is the age that Cheryl was when we decided that there was no time like the present to follow this dream we’ve had for so long. (None of us are getting any younger, am I right?!) So, there you have it – that’s how the “41 Palms Events” name was born.

We are so excited to get to dream and plan with our clients every day and we’re so grateful to get to share these amazing experiences with you, your employees, and your vendor partners!

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